Partnership Announcement

We are proud to Partner with Provation, bringing this intelligent documentation and information management software solution, that is a market leader in the US, to healthcare facilities across the UAE.

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 A Word From Our CEO

Bsc. Ph. Ch. MBA. DBA.

CEO & Founder of Gulf Medical Company.

At Al Naghi Medical, and its parent company Gulf Medical, both our customers and suppliers are the heart of all our business processes. We aim to offer each customer the medical device solutions that best fit their business needs. Since launching Al Naghi Medical’s parent company Gulf Medical in 1983, I have led the team in providing the highest quality, innovative, state-of-the art medical devices to customers in the region. As we grow we continue to remain pioneers in the medical field, partnering with the international community to deliver products that reflect our values and ethics.

These partnership have translated into business success for our customers and our suppliers alike. Over the decades, we have successfully transitioned through many milestones in the companies’ life spans, each with a vital impact on the growth of the companies in terms of financial strength, specialization and geographic coverage. I would like to extend my appreciation to our customers and suppliers who contributed with precision and excellence to enriching our vision at Gulf Medical and Al Naghi Medical. My team and I are very proud of gulf Medical and Al Naghi Medical’s history and very optimistic about the future of our companies.

A Word From Our GM


General Manager of
Al Naghi Medical Company.

Our core values: intergrity, open communication, teamwork, and outstanding performance are at the essence of Al Naghi Medical’s identity and continue to shape our company from all aspects. They are the non-negotiable driving forces fueling our growth and success. At Al Naghi Medical we recognize that our people are our greatest asset.

We back this up with true care for each other and for the success of every Naghi Medical member through personalized mentoring, professional training and development programs; all in an environment that fosters transparency and collaboration. It is the energetic commitment and enthusiasm of every Al Naghi Medical employee that contribute to our continued success.

On the other hand, partnership and open dialogue with our customers and suppliers allow us to consistently deliver the best patient care, our ultimate objective. Undoubtedly, continuous improvement and adaptation in a constantly changing landscape are the only means to ensure our future is embracing our goals and tomorrow is always better. Looking forward to keep evolving and innovating, together.

Our Team

Our team of dynamic professionals is the driving force that strengthens our company and enables future growth.

About Us

Our Mission is to provide state of the art technology and solutions to the healthcare industry in the UAE, and work closely with medical practitioners to contribute to patient care. To play an active role in developing skills of healthcare providers with the support of suppliers.

Our Products

As trustworthy problem solvers in the medical device field, we deliver on our promise to provide customers with the latest high-quality products and the appropriate knowledge-based customer service.

Our Business Drivers.

  • Ethical business practices. Work ethics and moral responsibility are key to creating businesses that will continue to have a reputable name in the market.
  • “Trust” As The Basis of Successful Business Operations. Our goal has always been to tie the name of Al Naghi Medical Company with “trust”.
  • Creating Solid, Long-term Business Relationships. Our philosophy revolves around creating highly valuable, strong, long-term relationships with both our suppliers and customers.
  • Growth is a key Measurement of success, both in terms of magnitude and scope.
  • Global Standards – Regional Operations We take pride in offering the best global standards through our regional operations.
  • Leadership. We believe that historical accomplishment is a reflection of future success, hence combing experience and innovation to secure our position as market leaders.
  • Specialization. We are highly specialized providers of medical devices in the region, with vast knowledge of the technical requirements and specifications of our products.
  • Adopting “A Cutting Edge Focused” Philosophy. We are always keen on utilizing the most up-to-date, cutting edge technology as a means to leading the markets in which the company operates.
  • Human Resource Development. We heavily invest in the ongoing development of our human resources with our team being of the highest caliber and up-to-date with recent technological advances.
  • Enhancement in the medical field. We are highly concerned with adding to the skills of medical practitioners by supporting them in attending advanced training seminars and conferences, in order to provide the best medical services to their patients.
  • “Pioneers” – A Well Deserved Definition. We continue to work towards securing our status as pioneers in the region through constant dedication, a focus on growth, working with the best global brands and offering the most superior technological advancements.