Our Vision.

To bring the most innovative state of the art medical technology and solutions to our market.

Our Mission.

To provide state of the art technology and solutions to the healthcare industry in the UAE, and work closely with medical practitioners to contribute to patient care. To play an active role in developing skills of healthcare providers with the support of suppliers. To evaluate market needs, adapt to changing demands, and continuously enrich our portfolio to effectively focus corporate assets in the service of various disciplines, thus enabling healthy growth. To continue our commitment to offer premium and unique services and ensure ultimate levels of customer satisfaction by recruiting, developing, motivating, and rewarding highly qualified personnel who demonstrate exceptional levels of professionalism and dedication. We believe that making a sale is not the end, but the beginning of a long lasting relationship, which is prized above all.

Our Values.

Our values are the foundation of Gulf Medical’s success, and future accomplishments.

  • Customer satisfaction, a pillar of our achievements.
  • Honesty and integrity, which develops trust.
  • Patient care and well-being as they are our eventual beneficiaries.
  • The pursuit of perfection and excellence in all endeavors.
  • Respect for each individual.
  • Our employees, and contribute to their development, while rewarding them equitably.
  • Responsibility and its application in all exchanges.
  • Professionalism and hard work to exceed expectation.

Corporate Overview.

Al Naghi Medical Company is a leading provider of medical devices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Al Naghi Medical supplies hospitals, universities and various types of medical facilities across the UAE with the highest quality products and leading technologies. Operating under the umbrella of Gulf Medical Company, with headquarters in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and dedicated since 1983 to offering specialized solutions to the medical sector , Al Naghi Medical is a professional exemplification of building long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers in the UAE’s medical field.

Our Promise.

At Al Naghi Medical Company our pledge is to be there, to be true, to be real.

We promise our commitment to our customers, suppliers, employees and professionals in the medical field.

We work to deliver the highest quality with the best highest quality products and customer service in the market,

building on our decades of experience and our much valued business ethics.

Our promise is to exceed expectation by delivering professional processes with the human element as the essence of our business.